Solicitud Preliminar


You may submit your ASSE Preliminary Application Form now (see below) or, if you prefer, you may request that an ASSE representative contact you by telephone to provide you with more information. If you prefer to have someone contact you via phone click here.

Application Tips

The sooner you apply, the better your chances for acceptance in the program of your choice.

An academic year or a short-term program abroad will be the most challenging experience of your life. But if you’re ready to face the unknown, the excitement, adventure and rewards of an exchange experience abroad can be yours, too!

For your convenience ASSE now accepts credit cards. You may now pay your program fees (deposit and final payment) by Visa or MasterCard.

Early Application Discount (High School Year Program)

If you submit your Preliminary Application and Fee, completed Application Packet and Full Program Fee by:
10 January: Programs starting July / August / September
15 May: Programs starting January / February / March / May
You will receive a 10% reduction in the Program Fee (excluding the Preliminary Application Fee) for applying early.To receive ASSE’S brochure, please contact the Mexico Office.

Preliminary Application Fee: (Exclusive of Program Fee) All Programs $300

All candidates for acceptance in the ASSE Exchange Program must complete the Preliminary Application form in full and submit it with a $300 payment for processing. Preliminary application fee is non-refundable. Consideration for acceptance and country of preference will be based upon your qualifications and the date of receipt of the preliminary application.